Sound Analysersound-analyser1

The Sound Analyser is an audio plug-in that allows you to load a number of different audio analyses in parallel. The result of the audio analysis is then sent via OSC so it can be used in other applications. The idea for the plug-in came about through my work with visual artists Davide Quayola & Natan Sinigaglia, when using audio analysis to inform a live visual accompaniment to musical performers (see image right). The Sound Analyser can send audio features such as pitch, amplitude, FFT data, spectral centroid and chroma features via OSC over a network. The system was used at two classical concerts in Paris in 2012 and 2013.



Source Code

The source can be found on the Sound Analyser GitHub Repository.


Academic Papers

You can read about the Sound Analyser in the following paper:



The following videos show examples of the Sound Analyser used in a live performance by Quayola and Abstract Birds